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How To Unlock SFR

Our SFR unlock code generator is guaranteed safe and secure for SFR mobile devices. Our unlock code calculator is easy to you use for all types of mobile device users.

From novices to experts, you will not regret choosing our service to enable your phone to be used with another network’s SIM card. Our SFR unlock code generator is fast, reliable and, most importantly, safe.

How to identify my model?

How to identify my phone model?

See the paper box of your phone or sticker under the battery or about menu in the phone.

Supported models

  • Unlock
  • Unlock SFR 114
  • Unlock SFR 115
  • Unlock SFR 121
  • Unlock SFR 122
  • Unlock SFR 152
  • Unlock SFR 231
  • Unlock SFR 251
  • Unlock SFR 330
  • Unlock SFR 331
  • Unlock SFR 341
  • Unlock SFR 342
  • Unlock SFR 343
  • Unlock SFR 344
  • Unlock SFR 522
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