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How To Unlock Vodafone

Unlock Vodafone devices for free using our customer backed Vodafone unlock code generator that has been proven to be safe and effective time after time. Our customers have found our service to be quick, easy to use and reliable in comparison to other sites claiming to be phone unlocking services.

Try our Vodafone unlock code calculator and you won’t be disappointed.

How to identify my model?

How to identify my phone model?

See the paper box of your phone or sticker under the battery or about menu in the phone.

Supported models

  • Unlock Vodafone 1230
  • Unlock Vodafone 1231
  • Unlock Vodafone 331
  • Unlock Vodafone 345
  • Unlock Vodafone 547
  • Unlock Vodafone 555
  • Unlock Vodafone Indie
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